Chris - Teacher #2129

- Piano
- Viola
- Violin

- English
- Korean

Teaching Philosophy

Music is an essential element that transcends various disciplines, including math, philosophy, and art. It has been scientifically proven to stimulate brain development, and the violin, in particular, offers unique advantages in this regard. When we move the bow up or down while playing the violin, we engage both sides of the brain simultaneously. The up bow activates the artistic side, fostering creativity, while the down bow emphasizes discipline and calculation.

Furthermore, learning the violin can aid in the development of perfect pitch. The instrument's focus on single tones and the significant time spent working on tone production can contribute to the honing of this remarkable ability.

While music can undoubtedly bring joy and happiness, I share the belief that true joy and fun in music come hand-in-hand with the acquisition of proper technique. Beginning the violin journey might be challenging, but the hard work and dedication invested in honing one's skills will yield gratifying results in the long run.

Musical Education

I have a master’s degree on music performance from University of Ottawa and bachelor’s degree from Vancouver Academy of Music.

I studied both piano and violin from age of three. My mother was a pianist and I was highly trained from early childhood.

My violin teacher was very special. He studied with Nathan Milstein and he was a scholar himself throughout his whole life. His approach to the violin technique was exceptional and I learned lot from him.

In addition to my musical career, I have been working as an associate member of Ottawa symphony orchestra during and after school years of master program. Also, I worked with lots of musicians for chamber music as well.

Special Skills and Training

My childhood was immersed in the world of music as I worked alongside my mother, a pianist and an incredible teacher with a serious approach to the art. Her guidance and influence laid a strong foundation for my musical journey, shaping my passion and commitment to music. My musical training reached new heights when I pursued my bachelor's degree under the guidance of a remarkable professor. He had a logical and systematic approach to solving problems with violin technique, and I absorbed invaluable knowledge and skills from him. His mentorship has been instrumental in my growth as a violinist and educator. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a talented student who achieved remarkable progress. Within a span of just two years, she successfully passed the RCM Grade 7 exam under my guidance. Her dedication and hard work paid off, and she is now ambitiously working towards Grade 9. This experience has reaffirmed my belief that with the right approach and commitment, there are indeed shortcuts to mastering violin technique.


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1. Cancellation Policy

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2. Cessation (quitting) Policy

A client must provide a 2 lesson notice period to stop lessons. So a weekly student needs to give 2 weeks of notice, a biweekly student works out to 3 weeks notice and a twice weekly student works out to a week of notice.

3. Illness Policy

Lessons cancelled due to illness or extraordinary circumstances with less than 24 hours notice remain billable to the client and payable to the teacher.

BAH teachers are encouraged to offer a make-up lesson at a future date in the interest of client relations and general goodwill. This only makes sense as teaching a student with the flu for example, will ruin the rest of your week's employment.

No more than 2 lessons may be made up due to illness within a 60 day period.

4. Rescheduling Policy

Any lesson can be cancelled or rescheduled with at least 24 hours notice.

Summer Vacation and Extended Absence Policy

Clients may schedule longer absences for trips etc. 24 hours notice is required.

It is normal and typical for students and about 20% of our teachers to schedule a break in the summer. We do not enforce a notice period (see cessation of lessons) at the end of a long summer break.

5. Evaluation Period

There are no free trial lessons with Beethoven at Home but we do offer a 2 lesson evaluation period where it is easy to try out a teacher. There are no free lessons during the evaluation period and clients may choose to discontinue the lessons at any time by providing the required 24 hours notice. After the student's 3rd lesson the required 2 lesson notice period will apply (see cessation of lessons above).