Laura - Teacher #2736

- Flute
- Piano

- Music Appreciation
- Music History
- Music Theory (Beginner-Intermediate)
- RCM - Basic Harmony
- RCM - Intermediate Harmony
- Solfege

- English
- French
- Italian
- Spanish

Teaching Philosophy

I feel very fortunate to have studied music and to be able to transmit my knowledge to my students. what is more beautiful than music? who can live without music? I don't know anyone who doesn't get excited or vibrate with their favorite song. The power of music crosses borders, transforms you, fills you with happiness. To be able to transmit that feeling is a luxury.

But the road is very hard. Studying music and playing an instrument is an elite sport: it takes time, effort, a lot of perseverance. And it is not an exact science because we work with human beings. We are not perfect, but we are unique and special, each one transmits music in a different way. And as a teacher, I should to adapt to my students.

I come from classical background, but I didn't fulfill myself as a musician until I got to play my own songs with my own style. I was a rock soul in a body of a classical flutist. It's been 20 years. 20 years of trying, experimenting, adapting and being flexible on a technical and artistic level. I don't consider myself the best at what I do, but I do consider myself a good guide, so that my students get to be what they want to be as musicians. You don't come to class to suffer, but to work and above all to be happy and have a good time. At the end of the day, that's what life and music are all about, enjoying yourself.

Musical Education

She studied the Professional Grade of Music, specializing in flute, at the Conservatory "Oreste Camarca" in her hometown, Soria (Spain), with Fco. Rafael Clemente Bo. She continued his higher studies in Pamplona (Navarra, Spain) with Begoña Aguirre, at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Navarra, combining it with a degree in Translation and Interpretation. It is there when he began to be interested in modern music and jazz, taking several subjects and attending several courses at La Escuela de Música Creativa (Madrid) with Chefa Alonso (Free Improvisation course), with Victor and Javier Bruna (Jazz Flute) and participating in the course of Improvisation Applied to Flamenco organized by the Institute of Musical Education (IEM) in Salamanca (Spain) in July 2009.
It is at the end of her studies in 2012 and combining it at all times with her work as a teacher, when she deepens in this specialization forming part of the bands The Paulovers and Corsarias, band with which she was awarded on several occasions and where she served as vocalist, flutist and composer. In the same way, she attends singing lessons, with Abenauara Graffigna (Professor of Singing at the Conservatory of Castilla y León, Spain) and with the singer and teacher Jaione Medina.
From 2014, within La Escuela de Música Moderna y Jazz "Zabalza" (Pamplona, Navarra), she extends her training in improvisation, with Javier Olabarrieta, and modern harmony with Alberto Navascués and where she also attends classes with the singer Nerea Erviti. In 2016 he attends the flamenco course organized by UFlamenco (Centro Superior de Estudios del Flamenco) with the teacher, flutist and composer Juan Parrilla, with whom he continues his training until 2017. He also attends the intensive Blues course organized by the Blues School of Madrid in March 2017.
After completing the Master of Teacher Training by the UNIR, she continued her work and training as a teacher of music in The Music School of Berriozar (Navvara, Spain) while expanding her musical knowledge with Patxi Pascual, flutist, saxophonist, composer and teacher at the Escuela de Música Creativa (Madrid) until 2018.

SInce then, she has worked as a music and foreign languages teacher in Secondary Education and Adults Education while continuing with her professional training. Due to her interest of an international experience, she applied for the International Experience Visa (Work and Holiday Visa) in 2018, and fortunately got it in June 2019. After two years of long waiting, she just moved to Canada in May 2022.

Awards and Distinctions

-High School Diploma in Humanities (with honours) 2006
Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria Castilla, Soria (SPAIN)
-Translation and Interpretation Degreen 2011
University of Valladolid
- Degree in Music, Flute specialty 2012
Conservatorio Superior de Música de Navarra
-Master in Teaching 2017
UNIR (Universidad Internacionale de la Rioja)
-Campus Music Navarra University Music Band Corsarias 2013
-Certamen Nacional del grupo G9 de Universidades. 3rd award. Music Band Corsarias 2014

Special Skills and Training

I have been lucky enough to study my two hobbies: music and languages. And what they have in common is communication. I love to communicate and transmit. And I don't care about the type of language. That's why I studied translation and interpretation and music. These disciplines put people in contact with each other, they are bridges that unite, that bring people closer. They allow to create community and to transmit emotions, thoughts, feelings. I believe that both disciplines have enriched me throughout my life and have influenced each other. There is nothing more difficult than getting on stage and playing, and the same feeling can be found when speaking in a language that is not your own in public. I have been a very good student because I am enthusiastic about learning and I try to be a decent teacher trying to do precisely what my hobbies have taught me, to communicate and transmit.


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