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Do you want to learn to the Double Bass online with an online Double Bass teacher? Our online Double Bass teachers work with online Double Bass students of all ages: kids, teens, adults or seniors. If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

Lessons with a qualified Double Bass teacher online will advance your learning, increase the fun factor, and improve every learner’s chances of becoming an expert Double Bass player. Online Double Bass lessons allow people from all over Canada to have the quality of Double Bass instruction that previously would only have been possible in major urban centres.

Our teachers will teach you the necessary Double Bass techniques, exercises, theory, and more to maximize your progress.

Our  Double Bass teachers come from a variety of backgrounds and educational training, making it easy to find the perfect match for your interest and experience whether you are a beginner or an advanced student. Every Double Bass teacher's specialties are listed in their profile, along with details about their background, education and teaching philosophy.

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Mattaus is a versatile music teacher available for online and in-home lessons, specializing in double bass, electric bass, flute, piano, recorder, saxophone, and ukulele for students of all ages. Holding a BMus in performance from the University of Toronto, Mattaus brings over 5 years of performance experience and a deep understanding of jazz improvisation to his teaching. Whether you're exploring music for the first time or advancing your skills, Mattaus offers a nurturing environment focused on technique, improvisation, and the joy of music making.

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Roey offers online music lessons in composition, double bass, electric bass, electric guitar, guitar, singer-songwriter, and ukulele. With a solid background in music theory, performance, and classical and jazz harmony, Roey brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his teaching. His approach focuses on fostering students' enjoyment and love of music, while also building their skills and confidence. Roey believes that music education can bring joy, happiness, and numerous benefits, including keeping the brain sharp and boosting self-confidence. With positive reinforcement and a commitment to minimizing pressure and anxiety, Roey creates a supportive and encouraging learning environment where students can thrive. Book an interview now.

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Henry offers lessons in piano, double bass, ear training, harmony, music history, music theory, and solfege. With a Bachelor of Music (Honours) from Wilfrid Laurier University and ongoing studies for a Master in Music Performance at the University of Manitoba. He received prestigious awards like the Dr. Bonnie Buhler Graduate Scholarships in Music and excelled as a choral singer, orchestral bass player, and accompanist. Henry's teaching philosophy emphasizes tailored instruction, encouraging students to perform and share their love for music. Whether in-home, at his studio, or online, Henry ensures a fulfilling learning journey. Book an interview now!

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Adrian, a versatile musician and teacher, offers online and in-home lessons in classical guitar, double bass, electric bass, and more through Beethoven At Home. With a passion for nurturing the next generation of musicians and providing them with a warm welcome into the musical community, Adrian guides students on their path to musical fulfillment. His diverse musical background and professional experience ensure a rich and rewarding learning experience for students of all levels.

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Matthew, a versatile musician with a BFA in Music from Concordia University in Montréal, brings a unique approach to teaching that emphasizes music as a tool for creative expression. With expertise in various instruments including bass clarinet, clarinet, guitar, and percussion, Matthew's teaching philosophy focuses on connecting music to life experiences and fostering emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development in students of all ages. Whether online or in-person, Matthew is committed to sharing his love of music and helping students unleash their creativity.

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James, a versatile music instructor specializing in double bass and electric bass, prioritizes making music lessons enjoyable and engaging. With a Bachelor of Arts in Music and extensive experience in rock, jazz, and classical genres, he fosters a love for music while igniting students' passion for learning. James believes that music should always be a source of joy, and he aims to instill that sentiment in his students through fun and interactive lessons.

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Chris specializes in double bass, electric bass, electric guitar, guitar, and ukulele, offering online lessons to students of all levels. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University, focusing on jazz performance and improvisation, Chris brings a wealth of musical knowledge and experience to his teaching. Chris's teaching philosophy centers on the belief that music is for everyone and should be enjoyed, emphasizing fun and enjoyment in the learning process. Fluent in English, he provides a strong foundation in fundamentals and music theory, empowering students to explore their musical interests and abilities. Book an interview now.

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Danny is a multi-talented music teacher from Coquitlam, offering lessons in a wide range of instruments including piano, guitar, drums, and voice, both online and in his studio. Fluent in English and Spanish, Danny emphasizes the joy and emotional connection of music alongside technical skill development. His background includes significant musical education and awards, highlighting his commitment to fostering musical growth. Explore the world of music with Danny's diverse expertise and passionate teaching approach.

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Leanna offers lessons both online and at her studio. Her extensive musical education spans prestigious institutions, including the University of British Columbia, The Juilliard School, and the University of Southern California. She is fluent in English and offers tailored lessons aimed at both RCM and university auditions. Known for her nurturing teaching style, Leanna emphasizes the joy and communal spirit of music-making. Book an interview now for lessons that promise to enrich and inspire.

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Eric, a seasoned music instructor with a diverse background in jazz and pop music, offers personalized lessons tailored to each student's goals. With a degree in jazz performance and extensive experience playing bass professionally, including on cruise ships for nearly two decades, Eric emphasizes versatility and adaptability in his teaching approach. From learning popular songs to preparing for auditions, Eric's teaching philosophy revolves around making music a source of joy for his students.

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Nawfel offers online and studio lessons in cello, double bass, guitar, piano, viola, and violin, along with dictation, ear training, and RCM preparation. With a Bachelor of Music in Performance from the University of Ottawa, Nawfel's teaching philosophy centers on the value of music in enriching lives and connecting people. Fluent in English and French, he provides a supportive learning environment for students of all ages. Nawfel's extensive performance experience includes concerts with renowned orchestras, enhancing his teaching with practical insights. Book an interview now for engaging music lessons that foster growth and passion.

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Emilio, a versatile musician with expertise in electric bass, double bass, composition, and music theory, believes that music fosters creativity and cognitive thinking. With a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies from Capilano University and a wealth of experience in both jazz and classical styles, Emilio offers structured yet open-minded lessons tailored to each student's needs. Book an interview with Emilio now to experience a fulfilling musical journey.

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Steven, a dedicated music educator with a Bachelor of Music from Humber College, emphasizes the importance of fostering a love for music while developing essential skills like discipline and technique. His teaching philosophy centers on inspiring students to explore diverse musical genres and cultivate a strong work ethic that extends beyond music into all aspects of their lives. With accolades such as the Dave Stillwell Arranging Award and Yamaha Canada Music Scholarship, Steven brings a wealth of expertise to his lessons, empowering students to excel in their musical journey.

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Dr. Keith

Dr. Keith, with a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from McGill University and a Master of Music from the University of Toronto. With proficiency in a variety of instruments including Baritone-Euphonium, French Horn, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Electric Bass, Piano, and Double Bass, as well as expertise in Jazz Improvisation and Advanced Music Theory, Dr. Keith empowers his students to set and achieve their own musical goals. As a recognized adjudicator for brass and band competitions and a seasoned studio musician, composer, and arranger, he brings a wealth of real-world experience to his teaching. Fluent in English and French, Dr. Keith provides both in-home and online lessons. Book an interview with Dr. Keith today.

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Kyle, a bass instructor, emphasizes understanding the bassist's role and developing solid basslines. With a Bachelor of Applied Music in Jazz and Contemporary Performance, he offers personalized lessons in electric and double bass. Kyle's approach blends patience, adaptability, and exploration across music genres, nurturing well-rounded musicians. His teaching philosophy centers on guiding students to reach their goals while fostering a love for music.

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What do I need to start online Double Bass lessons?

  • A Double Bass to practice on
  • A laptop or tablet with Zoom (preferred), FaceTime or Skype installed
  • Your teacher will recommend that you procure certain methods and repertoire
  • Your teacher will assist with the rental of purchase of your Double Bass