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Do you want to learn to the Trombone online with an online Trombone teacher? Our online Trombone teachers work with online Trombone students of all ages: kids, teens, adults or seniors. If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

Lessons with a qualified Trombone teacher online will advance your learning, increase the fun factor, and improve every learner’s chances of becoming an expert Trombone player. Online Trombone lessons allow people from all over Canada to have the quality of Trombone instruction that previously would only have been possible in major urban centres.

Our teachers will teach you the necessary Trombone techniques, exercises, theory, and more to maximize your progress.

Our  Trombone teachers come from a variety of backgrounds and educational training, making it easy to find the perfect match for your interest and experience whether you are a beginner or an advanced student. Every Trombone teacher's specialties are listed in their profile, along with details about their background, education and teaching philosophy.

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I do my best to learn what my student needs to grow, and learn to enjoy the process as well!

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I try to make sure students learn strong fundamentals alongside their more musical pursuits.

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I perceive music learning as a transformative experience, and rather than providing my students with ready answers, I strive to become a facilitator of a process of discovery.

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The development of a musical self is something complex and unique to each person.

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It brings me great joy to share my passion with students.

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I view the role of a teacher as that of a mentor.

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I am generally pretty laid back and easy going, and try to keep lessons fun.

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I love teaching brass instruments to students of all ages!

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I try to help my students set and achieve goals based on their own particular interests.

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I teach my students to be open-minded and versatile musicians, and several of my former students have gone on to become professional musicians and music educators.

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Dr. Keith

I aim to give my students their own personal goals, and showing them how to achieve them.

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Trombone lessons with me will be fun and you will learn tons!

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A beautiful rich sound is always my main focus whatever we play!

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As a trombone player/teacher, I believe that a new student must learn good technique as early as possible to avoid bad habits.

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As a retired principal trombonist and university professor I have much to share with my students.

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It is our goal to make music and I feel it is very important to spend as much time as possible in each lesson doing just that.

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I seek to build a student's confidence through strong fundamentals, and encourage them to express themselves creatively from the very first lesson.

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What do I need to start online Trombone lessons?

  • A Trombone to practice on
  • A laptop or tablet with Zoom (preferred), FaceTime or Skype installed
  • Your teacher will recommend that you procure certain methods and repertoire
  • Your teacher will assist with the rental of purchase of your Trombone